You spend your nights alone 
And he never comes home 
And every time you call him 
All you get’s a busy tone 
I heard you found out 
That he’s doing to you 
What you did to me 
Ain’t that the way it goes 

You cheated girl 
My heart bleeds girl 
So it goes without saying that you left me feeling hurt 
Just a classic case 
A scenario 
Tale as old as time 
Girl you got what you deserved 

And now you want somebody 
To cure the lonely nights 
You wish you had somebody 
That could come and make it right 

But girl I ain’t somebody with a lot of sympathy 
You’ll see 

                                                            [What Goes Comes Around]

I Green Day li dovreste condividere tutto l’anno, e non solo il primo di settembre


James Ensor (Belgium 1860-1949)
Marine soleil couchant (1940)
oil on canvas 40.7 x 65.2 cm

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Bosnian kids playing during the war (Sarajevo, 1993)

Photos by Patrick Chauvel

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Closer to the edge.



There is a profound shift happening in the world. Those human beings who have been tuned into the subtle energies on the Earth are aware of what is happening. We are aware not only in our mind and heart ~ but our bodies are feeling the movement of what is coming.

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Giornalista: “L’avete fatto voi questo orrore?” (Riferendosi al quadro “Guernica”)
Picasso: “No, veramente l’avete fatto voi.” (Riferendosi al bombardamento che il quadro raffigura)

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Francois Rousseau 

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